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Shades of Gray

Pencil was my beginning . You will see some of my pencil drawings as you stroll through the gallery. I did paint a little in college with acrylics but never really learned the technique I needed. For me pencil was quite exciting and satisfying for a very long time. This medium allowed control and the ability to blend. I worked in pencil for several years, and then something quite unexpected happened. I drew a cardinal and began shading and blending in pencil. I worked very diligently on this little beauty, adding value and trying to achieve perfection for his little feathery body. When finished I realized that something very important, at least to me, was missing. Where was the beautiful red color? It just didn’t seem right to me to have a cardinal drawn in gray scale. That seemed to be the turning point. I knew that I had to find a new medium with color and so the search began. For me, a very new and exciting journey was about to begin! More on this in my next post...

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