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When at First You Don’t Succeed

In an earlier blog post, "If in Doubt, Smudge", I was having difficulty with a harness horse and the driver. I was hoping that fresh eyes would help me with this dilemma. Finally, through much frustration, I am proud to say that the problems were resolved and the painting is now finished. When using oils it is very easy to erase mistakes by simply painting over them. Knowing this while painting is a huge plus because you can rest assured that all can be covered over if it does not work out. You may have to wait for the paint to set up or dry, but then it is very easy to cover the area that you no longer want, or get rid of the entire painting. This is not true of some other mediums. I love this quality when painting in oils and it frees up your spirit and mind to try some new ideas. This piece was completed using complimentary colors consisting of burnt sienna, cadmium orange, white and cobalt blue. Hardboard was used as the base rather than canvas. I love painting on this type of surface because it lends itself easily to blending. I feel that this piece is completed, although it is often difficult to know when you are finished. My next step is to sign the painting and think of an appropriate name. If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear your ideas! Who knows, your suggestion may just be the title for my newest painting. Thanks for your help!

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