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Field of Dreams

Have you ever seen a field of dreams? Well I’ve taken a picture of what will become just that in a matter of weeks. That tiny green plant that you see in the photo will grow into a gigantic sunflower. Soon these plants will cover the hillside with beautiful blooms of chartreuse and lemon yellow. For the past few years sunflowers have adorned the fields on the farm. As you look out over the land that isn’t covered with alfalfa, it seems like a field of dreams. A mass of gigantic grinning faces stare back at you all dressed as if going to a party. It appears that the sun is shining on this field even on a cloudy day and truly a paradise for an artist to paint! Massive leafy stalks hovering over your head in brilliantly colored petals of sunshine is truly an incredible sight to see. These beautiful leafy plants definitely put a smile on all faces that see them and create a lasting memory of sunshine.

Last year after the sunflowers were in full bloom I knew that I had to paint some of these gorgeous blooms. I walked to the back of the farm and started taking many photos of these beauties. Every flower seemed to be the perfect subject for painting. How would I ever choose? This indeed did prove to be the difficult part. After returning home with nearly 30 pictures, I looked through all of the photos. Even though it was difficult, I found the one that I thought portrayed the exact way I felt while viewing these lovely flowers. I found the one that made me feel the happiest when I looked at its smiling face. Choosing the medium was an easy part. It had to be watercolor! So with brush in hand I began . This was definitely a fun project from start to finish.

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