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A Little More About Tucker

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Blog Pic - 7.3.15.jpg

I shared with you the other day the new painting of my dog, Tucker. I already have one painting of him completed in pastel and conte crayon that you can view in the gallery, but I’ve always wanted to paint his portrait in oil. However, I did not have the right photo until several weeks ago. I shared with you the beginning steps in painting the portrait, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the painting process as it unfolds, and also a little history concerning his photo. I’ve added just a few more details to his face and right ear and hope to show you the finished product soon.

So one afternoon I was leaving to go into town and Tucker was there on the porch, in his usual spot, by the back door. I think he feels like it is his job to guard the door and the house. Many times when I am leaving he keeps his head down and won’t look up at me, even when I tell him I will be right back. But for some strange reason, this time was different. As I locked the back door, he looked up at me and I thought, well now that’s different. Oh wow, what a great picture! It’s just the one I’ve been waiting for! So after dropping my purse, keys, and phone, from all the excitement, I quickly rescued my phone. Luckily the same look remained on his face. So in an instant I was able to capture the expression. So many times with animals, at just the moment you see the image you want to preserve forever, they move, and instantly the picture you’ve been waiting for is just a memory. Not only did I love the photo but the perspective was perfect! This had to be my next painting and I couldn’t wait to begin!

Please be sure to stay tuned! I’ve been working, and there’s more to come. Soon I will have the final product to share with you!

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