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Another Work in Progress

I’m excited about starting a new painting, and I wanted to share some of the beginning work with you. Sometimes I have two pieces that I work at the same time. One painting may need a little drying time before proceeding, and this allows me to have something to work on while I am waiting.

While I was working on the last painting of Tucker I began this painting. This is a winter scene with lots of snow and some very unique shadows that I thought were quite interesting. Even though I really don’t want to think about snow right now or rain, I do love the picture because it shows my husband’s spotted trail horse, Kowboy, and my horse, Kasper, playing in the snow. No they are not fighting, even though you can see mouths open with teeth glaring. They truly are the best of buddies and where you see one, you will always see the other.

This painting still needs lots of work and there will be color changes made in the shadows, snow, and sky as the painting continues. I haven’t decided whether to paint a bright blue sky as show in the actual photograph or a sunset in the background. I’m really leaning toward the sunset because it can add such beauty to any painting.

I hope you enjoy seeing another work in progress. Again I am using water mixable oils, my favorite, on hardboard. I will keep you posted as the painting continues. Be sure to check back in to see the progress.

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