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The Silverama Event

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Kentucky Horse Park during the Silverama Arabian Event thanks to a family friend. While there I was able to take many wonderful pictures of these beautiful creatures as they pranced around the show ring. I really enjoyed being there and my only problem was not being able to snap the pictures fast enough! After going through my collection of photos the tough decision for me was which one I should paint first. After looking through about 90 pictures, I finally decided on the perfect image. I love a close-up of the head and face of the horse and I found the one that I thought was different from all the rest. The eyes of this beautiful Arabian said it all, so that photo became my choice.

I decided to paint this picture using my water miscible oils and the base would be hardboard, my two favorite ways to paint. Before beginning I planned to take a photo of the drawing and as you can see, I forgot. Oops! It wasn’t until after I had completed some serious painting that I remembered to take a picture. However even though I have the painting underway you are still able to see the beginning lines in some areas and also a little progress from one day to the next. I always enjoy seeing how other an artist begins their work. Art instructional books will show this unfolding and it is quite enjoyable. I thought you might like seeing this too.

I have also seen some artist have a completed piece with only a portion of the drawing painted leaving part of the work as only pencil or pastel lines. Some of these are quite interesting to view. Who knows, I may paint one like that one day too!

I will be sure to show you this painting when it is completed. So please continue to check back in and don’t forget to stroll through the gallery. I will be adding many more paintings as the days and week progress, because I love to paint!!!!!!!!

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