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Well the painting of Kasper and Kowboy is completed and signed, and I

must say that it was a fun one to paint! I’ve painted a lot of horses in the

past, but I had never painted one of our two trail horses. I really don’t know

why I waited so long.

Even though at one time I was undecided about the background I made

the decision to go with the sunset and I think it was the right choice. That is

the one great thing about art as opposed to photography. You can easily

change a background, foreground, or the actual subject to make the

composition more appealing. While working I learned several new skills

about painting snow, shadows, and sunsets. This always helps to make

painting more enjoyable if you learn something new during the process.

I’m thinking that I may title this original “Playday”, but I haven’t decided for

sure. Some of my paintings I title and others I don’t. It just depends on what

I am feeling at the time.

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