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Many Times I Don’t Stop with Just One

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to begin painting something

new. I always like to keep at least one painting on my easel to work on at

all times and many times I have two or three. I usually don’t stop with just

one. Some days I have the time to paint for a few hours and other days I

don’t. I always want to paint every day, but many times life has other plans

for my time and energy. I find myself running out of hours in the day and

the brush never touches the canvas. If I’m lucky enough to have a painting

started it is easy to drop into the studio and paint even if it’s only for 20 or

30 minutes. If one painting is too wet to apply more paint then I can work

on the other painting. However if I haven’t had the opportunity to begin a

new painting then getting the canvas primed and the drawing ready

requires much more time.

So far you’ve seen a peak preview of two paintings I am working on at the

present time: the Arabian head and the abstract sunflower. I am continuing

to work on both of these paintings and I will show you the finished work

Not only am I painting but I’ve been doing a little reading too. I borrowed a

great book from a friend. It’s titled Sketching your Favorite Subjects in Pen

and Ink by Claudia Nice. Some of the drawings found in this book are

unbelievable. Using only a pen and a piece of blank white paper a beautiful

piece of art can develop. There are several different approaches in the

way the ink is applied to the paper. I will try to share some of these

applications with you at a later time. I have a small sketch of a lily that I am

practicing and this particular practice piece uses what’s called stippling. If

you look closely you can tell that the entire piece is made up of small dots.

Yes it does take a great deal of time and patience but there is also

something about it that is somewhat addicting and rewarding. For those of

you that like to doodle this may be something that you might like to try. I’m

still reading the book and will share more info with you as I learn. You might

like to give it a try.

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