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Is Your Logo a Lasting Memory?

I wanted to share with you a little story about my logo, “Fine Art by Kathy

Wood” and how it was created. The thought of having a logo had really

never crossed my mind until I had a customer ask, “Do you have a logo?”

At the time I answered no. However this conversation really made me think

that maybe I needed one. Perhaps it would allow others to recognize and

remember my artwork, which is what every artist wants. So after looking

at several logos from businesses and other artist, I decided that if I was

going to begin a small art business I should have a logo. I knew that it

needed to be something very simple yet memorable. Also it needed to

allow a great deal of versatility. This versatility would bring different options

in printing. Business cards are very small and banners very large. So being

able to print both sizes is of equal importance. This logo needed to be

appropriate for the business and timeless, perhaps being used for many

years to come. So how difficult could this creation really be?

Well let me tell you my experience with this creation. It proved to be one of

the most complicated experiences in painting that I have ever encountered.

I probably could have painted 5 or 6 oil paintings in the time that I spent

trying to come up with a logo. Keeping it simple was the most difficult part!

Simple does not equal easy when it comes to designing a logo. I had

papers all over my studio of different drawings. I would try one idea and

then think of another. Continually finding that no ideas were working and

all thoughts were ending up in the trash. One logo would be too detailed

and another not quite the memory I wanted to leave behind. Whew! What

an ordeal! I just about gave up on the entire notion when I had reached

drawing number 50. Yes 50 drawings trashed! Crumpled papers exploded

over the top of the trash can and on the floor. My nerves were shot. I’d go

to bed at night and think, I’ve got to stop thinking about this, but I couldn’t.

So I decided to walk away from it for several days to decide if it was really

worth trying to come up with this impossible creation. Perhaps fresh eyes

would help if I stayed away from the drawing table for a while. However the

thoughts continued to haunt me until I decided to return to it. So once again

I started beginning with drawing number 51. I worked my way up to number

74 with no favorable results and the trash again overflowing with failure.

Then on drawing number 75 the lights flashed and the bells rang! I found

success!!!!!! I felt like this creation had all the qualities needed for a

successful logo. It was definitely simple, it allowed for versatility, it seemed

appropriate for a business, as well as timeless. Did it create a lasting

memory? Well it may or may not be a lasting memory for a customer, as

intended, but it’s definitely an experience that this artist will never forget!

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