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The Magi Art Show Results

I posted earlier in a blog that I would be attending the Magi Art Show in

Morehead, Kentucky. I am happy to say that I did attend the show with

Rosemary, a very special friend and talented artist. We spent a day with

other artist in and around the Morehead area. It was fun seeing all of the

wonderful art and visiting with others that enjoy painting as much as we do.

Each year there are demonstrations by fellow artist and this year was no

exception. One artist shared her pastel painting skills with us. This was

really tailored for me because it was a painting of a horse. Another artist

completed a landscape in oil with a palette knife. This was particularly

interesting because I’ve completed a couple of paintings using a knife but

find it to be quite difficult. There is not much control with this type of work

and it forces the artist to be loose and to free up their work. Often this

quality is what many artists strive for, myself included. After watching this

demonstration I really wanted to give this another try.

I regret to say that I did not bring home a blue ribbon. I find that most years

this proves to be a very difficult show. With over 300 entries it always is

interesting to see how the judges rank the paintings. So I try to attend the

show with the mindset that it’s a time to learn and if I can bring home any

ribbon at all I feel fortunate.

So I am proud to say that I did receive two ribbons which I will hang proudly

with the paintings. The first was an honorable mention for a favorite of

mine called, “Playday”. This is the painting of Kasper (my horse) and

Kowboy (my husband’s horse) playing in the snow. I was also fortunate

enough to receive a 3rd place for the large abstract sunflower. I love this

painting too because this flower grew in the back field on the farm along

with what seemed like a million other beautiful blooms, however it was the

special one selected to be painted. Both of these paintings were shown to

you in their beginning stages and they now are featured in the gallery.

So even though I didn’t bring home the blue I’m glad that I attended. I

always look forward to preparing new paintings for next year’s show. I will

be sure to share these with you.

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