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A Fun Week

A few weeks ago, in November, my husband and I went on a little vacation

to Townsend Tennessee. We usually go to Tennessee every year and take

the horses to trail ride in the mountains. However this year we decided to

leave the horses at home and just enjoy the trip without the extra work of

caring for the them. Rain was in the forecast for this area so leaving them

at home seemed to be the best idea.

We stayed at the Lazy Horse Retreat in a small cozy cabin snuggled in the

foothills of the quiet side of the Smokies. The cabin was located in a

beautiful area away from the busy crowds. Each morning we could look out

and see the mountains breathing a soft mist of morning air. However within

30 minutes or less you could be surrounded by the crowded streets of

Gatlinburg. We’d like to thank Melody for providing us with such an

enjoyable place to stay. We had a great time even if daily showers and drizzle

came our way. I was able to take my oils along with me and enjoyed a little

painting. The food was great. I especially loved eating at the Pancake Pantry in

Gatlinburg. Pancakes are my favorite and they proved to be just as delicious as

always. We wanted to visit the Craftsmen’s Fair at the Convention Center

but sadly to say it ended the day before we arrived. We were able to do a

little shopping and enjoyed finding some new stores in the Arts and

Craftsman’s Community. One day we visited some beautiful spots outside

of Townsend and took some gorgeous photos of this area. The trees

displayed their beautiful colors of yellow, orange, and reds. The majestic

mountains in the background only added to the beauty of this area. One

day soon I hope to paint some great pictures of old barns and trails which

we were lucky enough to capture with our cameras. Even though I don’t

paint many landscapes, I would like to give these a try.

We definitely had a great time and really weren’t ready to come home.

However work and responsibilities were awaiting us. I guess all good things

must end. Even though our time in Tennessee is now over, the memories

still play in our minds. Thankfully we can enjoy the photos taken and

perhaps a few paintings will develop from this little vacation in the foothills,

on the quiet side of the Smokies.

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