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The Daisy Dog

In the gallery you will find an adorable painting of a little white dog with a

huge heart named Daisy. Daisy is an 8 year old West Highland Terrier,

although she is often mistaken for a puppy because of her smaller-than-

usual size and her energetic demeanor. Weighing about 11 pounds, she is

especially known for her wiggle. Daisy loves people, and wags not just her

tail, but her whole body when she meets someone new - We call this "The Daisy Dance".

There is not a better friend to be found!

She welcomes everyone that visits her home and is the first one to meet

you at the door with explosions of energetic excitement. However if any of

her canine peers are around she immediately becomes their chief and

commander. Their size is of no issue to Daisy. She lets them know she’s

Number 1.

Daisy has been part of the Wood family for many years and is well known

as an important member. When you meet Daisy she brings a smile to your

face and a special kind of wiggly happiness in your heart! It was a pleasure

to paint this little ball of white squirming fur in pastel for her owner, Carmen.

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