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Out with the Old! I Don’t Love you Anymore!

Have you ever began a project and realized that you didn’t have the correct

supplies or tools to complete it? There is nothing more frustrating ! Well just

like having the correct tools for a project, artists need the correct materials

in order to complete a work of art. Brushes are one of the most important

tools needed by a painter. Artist should always paint with the best quality

materials that they can possibly afford. At first many artist will try to keep

down expenses, and they will not purchase the best quality brushes, paints,

or paper. Then they wonder why their finished product does not end up

looking as they expected. It is true that better quality materials lead to the

look of professionalism! These materials may cost a little more however

they tend to last longer and hold up better than materials of lesser quality.

In other words, you get what you pay for.

Like many other artist I traveled down the same road thinking that I would

save money and try to get by on lesser quality tools. I continued to buy

different brushes thinking this would be the brush and this would be the

answer I had been searching for. Always loving them at first , and then

feeling disappointed after a few uses. I knew all along that what I had been

using left a lot to be desired. The hog bristle brushes that many oil painters

use, I did not want ! Instead I like the soft flexible brushes that are made of

sable or a synthetic material. I wanted the ability to blend the colors of oils

softly and easily, but yet have a brush with spring and flexibility. I just could

not find the right brush.

So for Christmas my husband asked me what I wanted. Well it only took

me a few seconds to tell him that I would love a new set of oil brushes. You

ask where did I find such a great set of brushes? I went on line and

ordered Gary Jenkins’ Master set of oil brushes. They are manufactured in

Germany, and let me tell you that they paint like a dream! They come to a

very sharp chiseled edge that achieves great results! They have just the

right amount of softness but yet flexible, with just the right amount of spring

needed in a brush. These new brushes are absolutely wonderful! I love the

way they hold the paint, and the beautiful way they apply the paint to

canvas. They work extremely well with oil paint. There are 11 brushes in

all with the hairs of the liner and the round being made of sable. They come

in a very nice canvas zippered carrying case with Gary’s signature on the

back. If you are looking for a set of oil brushes to achieve great results I

highly recommend this set! So for me it is out with old set of brushes and in

with the new! You won’t need any other brushes and you won’t be



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