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The Art of Zentangle

Do you like to doodle? Have you ever repeatedly drawn the same shape

over and over again just because you like the repetition? If so then

Zentangle may be just for you. Although doodling is somewhat mindless

without a specific plan, Zentangle is more deliberate. However you really

don’t have to stick to a certain plan or path. You can just relax while making

shapes and not really have to think about the final outcome. There is no

failure in this art form and it will look unique and different from all other

Zentangles. The beautiful part about it is that when you are finished you

have a unique piece of art that you created. Your friends and family will be

amazed because it will look like a complicated tangle of shapes.

So what is Zentangle? It is a way to create beautiful art without having to

be an artist at all. In the gallery you will see two Zentangle drawings. ( a

Zentangle forms a specific form, it really doesn’t have to be a shape at all.

It can be completely abstract and does not have to resemble anything. This

is part of its beauty.

Zentangle was originally created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It is a

very relaxing way to produce beautiful images by repeating a pattern. The

finished product can look very complicated but when broken down into

simple forms it becomes very easy to replicate. Most all of the shapes are a

series of lines, circles, swirls, or dots. At first glance the finished art work

appears quite complicated and perhaps too large to handle but when

broken down into small pieces it becomes much easier to solve.

Another plus to Zentangle is that it really only requires a small amount of

materials. You will need black ink on white paper. Perhaps a pencil, if

wanted, to create a little shading and that is it. You don’t have to think

about color at all. Just simple black and white patterns are your focus. The

book called Joy of Zentangle tells more about this art form and gives the

reader the basics to producing a work of art that can hang in your home

completed by you, the Zentangle Artist. Many

Zentangle ideas can be found on line but books can be purchased in craft

stores, such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby that give examples of patterns

and completed art projects using this form of art. Many of the adult coloring

books that have become quite popular use this same concept to design

their pages of art. So if you would like to create

some art one step at a time, give this a try. You may be pleasantly

surprised by your creation!


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