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Sunshine in a Box

In the gallery you will find another painting of a precious cocker spaniel

named Chloe. I was asked to paint this beautiful little puppy several years

ago as a gift. As we all know animals cannot speak making them unable to

tell their story, but each and every one of them certainly have one to tell.

So I asked Chloe’s owners, Lisa and Bobby Fehrs, who live in St.

Augustine, Florida, to share her story with you titled Sunshine in a Box. If

she could speak this is the story she would tell:

Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who lived in sunny

Florida. They had beaches and fresh seafood whenever they wanted it, but

something was missing.... the love of a puppy!! The picture you are viewing

is me as a puppy, and I am their extra ray of sunshine. My name is Chloe

"Cracker” (which is what a true native born Floridian is called). I am a

honey colored cocker spaniel that is eight weeks old in this picture. It is the

first day I met them! If you look closely, the artist captured the ray of light in

my eyes that matches the ray of light in my new owners’ eyes. After 13

years of being with them, the light is brighter than ever!


Perhaps you have a special pet that is waiting to share their story. If so, please contact me here. I’d love to paint your “extra ray of sunshine” and try to capture their feelings

and personality on canvas for you.


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