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Yummy Nutty Caramel Covered

Does the word Snicker make you think about a yummy nutty caramel

covered chocolate bar? Well if so, this is where my mind used to go when

a Snicker was mentioned. However now when I think of this word the candy

bar is not my first thought. Surprisingly my attention is directed toward an

adorable little Sheltie named Snicker. Just like the candy bar, his thick

shiny fur is the color mixture of chocolate, caramel, and creamy vanilla.

Snicker is a very handsome little creature that joins our art class each

week. He announces that class is ready to begin, prances around the room

herding each student to their designated area, making sure that we are

ready for learning. Then he begins his request for Frisbee throwing. He

loves racing to retrieve the toy while finishing the pursuit with a wild and

ferocious shaking! Yes, our class is totally entertained by this petite little


Snicker and I both attend a weekly art class taught by his owner, Diana

Forn. He plays with his toys and keeps our class in their seats while we

learn about art. I love little Snicker and I love this class as well. Here I have

the opportunity to see and learn from other art students that have my same

interest and motivation. New and informative lessons are given each week

by Diana and there is constantly something to learn. Critiques, a vital part

of the painting process, are given at the end of each class and this allows

for tremendous growth. During one art session, Diana asked me to paint

Snicker for her. My first thought was that she must be kidding! Diana could

easily paint Snicker herself. However I found out that she was very serious

about this happening. I felt honored, delighted, confused, and a little

nervous about attempting a portrait of her favorite little dog. However,

because she has taught me so much about painting, I really wanted to

honor her request. After giving it a great deal of thought, and still feeling

incompetent and a little hesitant, I agreed to try to paint Snicker. After all, I

do love painting pets and little Snicker was a gorgeous little subject. So we

took some pictures and began to develop some ideas. My only hope was

that the painting would be successful, and that Diana would be pleased

with the final outcome.

So the final picture was chosen and the composition considered. The

drawing began with the painting to follow. (I’ve included pictures for you to

see the process.) On several different occasions while painting Snicker

Diana looked at the canvas and told me she felt like crying. Oh my

goodness, what did that mean? I hoped it meant tears of joy. The painting

continued over several weeks and after a few critiques it was completed.

Diana was pleased with the end result and I’m beyond delighted that she

was happy. Whew! That was a tough one!

So I’ve taken some photos of the painting process to share with you. I

thought you might be interested in seeing how a painting develops from the

beginning to the end. Even though I have painted several different dogs for

customers, this one was definitely very different, a little stressful, and

unforgettable! However, looking back, I’m very happy that I had this

experience and honored that I was asked to do this.

So it’s no surprise that when I hear the word Snicker, even though I love

the candy bar, I no longer think of delicious caramel and nuts covered by

creamy chocolate. My thoughts immediately turn to an unforgettable

memory. A time when I painted this beautiful little parading fluff of fur that

answers to the name of Snicker!

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