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Iris in Bloom

Have you noticed how beautiful the iris is this year? I’m sure if you have

some growing in your yard you have seen the magnificent blooms that

adorn each flower. Mine seem to be larger and more radiant this spring

than any other year that I can remember.

So as an artist I wanted to capture some lasting memories of these

beauties. With camera in hand I escaped to my front yard. Deep purple,

pale lilac, plum with a touch of yellow, light peach and ivory, all standing

proudly in the sunlight. Each flower begging to be a part of this photo shoot.

How could I even begin to choose? So I thought, why not take a picture of

every single one? Then for me the selection to paint would even be more

difficult, but so much fun! Sadly I couldn’t take photos of every single one;

however I did collect a very nice assortment.

The next task would be to view all of these luscious images and then to

select the one I would paint, for now. The others would have to be patient

and wait for a little while. After much thought and so many tough decisions,

the winner was finally selected.

So what you see is the final painting. The neat fact about this original is that

it is painted on a special canvas using watercolors. How fantastic is that?

I’ll talk a little more about this surface another time, on another day, and in

another blog. So please follow along for more information about this

interesting way of painting with watercolors.

I hope to soon have this painting in the gallery. Until then enjoy your

beautiful iris while they are in bloom. As we all know, these beauties don’t

last nearly long enough. Before you know it they have withered and

passed. However we can be assured that at another time, in another year,

on another spring day, they will appear again to give us their frilly parade of

graceful curves and luscious colors. We can be certain to remember the

beauty we enjoyed this particular spring because we have captured this

memory on canvas making it a lifetime remembrance.

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