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“The Sun Shines Bright on my Old Kentucky Home”

This song and these thoughts run through my mind as I look across the field of

sunflowers that adorn the fields on the farm. Their beauty is postcard perfect! How could

anyone look at these amazing beauties and not have a smile on their face and a song in

their heart! They truly sing summer!!!

Again this year I have been fortunate enough to watch these plants grow from tiny

seeds into gigantic plants. Even though this particular crop has only been around since

early June, it’s remarkable to know that sunflowers have been around since 3,000 BC.

They are definitely very hardy and can grow in almost any type of soil. Looking at them

now, you would have never guessed that they were growing in dry thirsty dirt, begging

for rain. Despite it all they have continued to thrive and shoot into the air becoming large

yellow giants. Even though most of these flowers are above my head there are none

that compare to the largest sunflower on record. This particular flower reached 30 feet

and 1 inch! That is amazing!

Not only are they quite tall, they also have a very large head loaded with delicious

seeds. Some are so large that the stem no longer has the strength to hold the heavy

head so bowing is their only option. It’s difficult to believe that one tiny seed placed in

the ground in early spring can produce a single sunflower head containing 1,000 to

2,000 seeds. No wonder they can’t look up to the sky. I haven’t tried to count the seeds

in a sunflower head, but it could be very possible that some of these contain that

amount. Soon these seeds will become a very popular snack or meal for all types of

interesting birds. It’s always fun to see our flying friends flock to the fields to dine at their

favorite restaurant.

These fields are not only a favorite for our feathered friends but they are a perfect

paradise for photographers, artist, and anyone that loves nature. Not only have I

watched these plants mature and grow into their enormous size, I have been out and

about taking many pictures so that I can remember. I don’t want to forget that even

though each plant at first glance appears to be the same, just like all of nature, each

one is uniquely different and perfectly dressed in its own unique characteristics.

However, far too soon the beauty will begin to fade. Golden fields will no longer

parade the freshness of summer days. However rather than feeling sad about the end

of the growing season, my plans will be to remember these graceful giants by placing a

brush into some creamy yellow pigment, splashing the canvas with dazzling colors, and

creating a never ending song of summer.

As for now, I hope you enjoy seeing some of the beautiful photos that I have taken. I

just have to make some choices and hopefully soon I will have a finished painting to

share with you of one or more of these gigantic beauties!

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