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Good Things Do Come to Those that Wait!

Well as most of you know, I have a passion for painting. Also animals

are my favorites subject to paint, especially the horse. If you’ve checked

out the gallery, this is no surprise to you. But right up there with painting

horses is my love of riding them.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to stop painting for a while and take

a trip with my husband and our horses for a few days of trail riding. When

we left home neither of us anticipated what a wonderful trip we were about

to experience. We traveled to Jamestown, Tennessee to a place called

True West Campground and Stables”. This is a 5 star horse campground

located in Jamestown, Tennessee. What an amazing place to visit and ride.

It is located in the center of the Big South Fork, the premier place for trail

riding. From the True West location you have the ability to access 10 park

trails and over 200 miles of fantastic riding. I’ve always heard that South

Fork was the Cadillac of trail riding and we found this to be so true! The

trails were absolutely breathtaking! They were wide and wonderful!

Gorgeous trees, rock formations, creeks, and scenic lookouts waited every


If you could read an animal’s mind, I think our horses even enjoyed their

stay. They were fortunate to have large open stalls while enjoying the

company of many other horses beside them. Each morning they were

always just as anxious and ready to begin their journey as both of us.

Fortunately we were able to spend several days and nights enjoying

beautiful weather, great hospitality from Donna and Shawn Martin (the

owners of True West), and over 50 miles of trail riding. Even after that

many hours of riding we still didn’t see all of the beauty. When it was time

to leave, due to work and other responsibilities, we both wanted to stay

longer. I really think the horses would have been happy to remain there as

well for a few more days of riding.

Even though I took my brushes and canvas along with me on the trip,

somehow time flashed by so quickly that there seemed to be no time to

paint. The intentions were good but the hours and minutes couldn’t be

stretched. So I came home with a blank canvas and clean brushes that

never touched the paint for 5 days. Even though I didn’t paint I did have the

opportunity to enjoy scenery each day that could develop into a painting.

However even with the most artistic ability, it would be impossible to paint

the beauty that surrounded us each day on the trail. The only words that

can describe what we saw were truly “magnificent”.

So now that we are back home both of us are already thinking spring

can’t get here fast enough so that we can return to the trails. The sad

thought is that winter hasn’t even begun. So we will have to wait and that’s

the difficult part. However while we wait, we can enjoy our pictures,

memories, and family. I will paint which is definitely another favorite of

mine. While we wait the snow will fall and the ice will come. Winter will

leave its footprints and then depart, quickly I hope. Soon long winter days

will become gentle and the sun will be brighter and warmer. Days will

lengthen and signs of spring will parade the earth. Finally waiting will be

over. At last it will be our time to enjoy hours in the saddle once again. True

West here we come!! Good things do come to those that wait! Happy trails

to you once again!

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