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Subjective or Objective Art?

In a recent art class we were presented this question, “Are you a

subjective or objective artist?” Well I really had never given this much

thought. Nor did I realize that there were these two types of art. I just knew

that I loved to paint and I really didn’t think about the point of view that was

involved. I painted what I loved and usually always felt much attached and

deeply involved in each of my creations.

So what are the differences in these two types of art? As I listened to

the presentation I soon learned that if you are an objective artist then you

will give only the facts. There really isn’t an emotional part involved. Your

drawing or painting consists of the main subject and the other objects

related to the main subject. When painting or drawing, the objective point of

view is involved with only the facts.

In subjective art the artist becomes very personally involved. Their view

or opinion is translated in the painting or drawing. When you view the

painting, an emotional response is created. This type of painting or drawing

states much more than just the facts. If it is completed correctly than the

viewer is drawn into the painting along with his or her emotions and

feelings. In this type of art you are giving an opinion. Although it may differ

greatly from the next person’s view of the same subject, it still is an opinion.

So what was my answer to the question, “Are you a subjective or

objective artist?” After considering my art work and really thinking about the

meaning of both types, I feel that I’m definitely a subjective painter. I do

become very much emotionally involved in most all of my work. When I first

started painting I found that I became so involved that it became very

difficult to sell an original. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad when I thought

about letting it go. When I did sell an original, I felt as though I sold a part

of myself or even worse I felt like I had sold my “soul”. So for a long time I

could not and did not sell any original paintings. I would sell the prints but

not the original. After accumulating so many originals and having limited

wall space, I had to rethink my feelings and situation. Now after collecting

so many originals, I find it easier to sell some of them. However there are a

few paintings that I still can’t let go of, and I probably never will, because I

am just too emotionally involved.

If you’ve visited the gallery on the website, I think you will witness this

emotional feeling. I’ve been told that the eyes in many of my paintings are

very expressive. It’s very obvious that I love to paint animals, most

especially the horse. If I can show their eyes with emotion and feeling then

the painting for me is a success. So I begin my journey when painting a

horse, dog, cat, or any other animal, with the eye. For me, if I’m lucky

enough to get that correct, then the rest of the painting will fall into place.

However, if the eye is incorrect, than there is no reason for me to continue

with the painting. That means it’s either the trash can or a complete “do

over”. I know that it will never be successful if I don’t. Some artists wait until

the very end to complete the eye. For me this would be tragic because I

could spend hours working on everything else involved in the work and

then discover that the eye is incorrect or lacks passion. If this special part

does not show the emotion that I want to create then I feel that it is


So which type of art is the most successful? Again I think this up to the

individual artist and the personal taste of the viewer. All we can do as artist

is try to present our art, whether subjective or objective, to the public. Then

the ultimate decision is up to you, the viewer. Hopefully what we as artist

have to offer is exactly what you’ve been searching for. What we hope for

is that the two can meet and then the magic happens. The painting then

becomes that wonderful original creation that the artist has loved painting,

and the buyer hangs proudly in their home for a lifetime of endless

enjoyment and beauty!

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